Isolla Music

Isolla Music (Isolla is a Finnish word for ”big time”) is a modern music company based in Helsinki, Finland and it was founded in 2005 by multi-platinum producer Jonas Olsson. The Isolla family includes artists, songwriters, producers and mixing engineers. Our business is: production, artist development and management.

Music Production

We work with all major and other commercial labels in Finland. We’re also frequently involved in projects with interesting indie artists and labels. Our studios are located in Helsinki, across the street from Kalasatama subway station and the Redi mall.

Artist Development

We sign and develop the stars of tomorrow. We help with refining and realizing their artistic vision and lead the way in a competitive and ever changing market. Our label partner is Sony Music Finland.


We manage the careers of music production professionals; songwriters, producers and mixing engineers to help them find and secure long term success. Our roster consists of up and coming stars as well as established A-list names. Our songwriters are co-published with leading Finnish independent publishing company Elements Music.



Jonas is amongst the most sought-after Finnish producers. Jonas makes tracks and more often than not, acts as the executive producer with an overall vision of the artist and project at hand. Having worked with a multitude of platinum selling artists such as Pyhimys (Universal Music), Arttu Wiskari (Warner Music), Robin (Universal Music), Laura Närhi (Warner Music), Roope Salminen & Koirat (Warner Music) and Pauli Hanhiniemi (Universal Music), Jonas’ vision and work etchic continues to draw artists to his studio. Jonas is published by Elements Music & Isolla Music

Listen to Jonas’ work here.


Originally from Oulu in Northern Finland, Topi Kilpinen is a self-taught, fast rising tracker-producer and songwriter based in Helsinki. His style is bouncy pop/r’n’b with productions often incorporating touches of guitars and quirky sound design.

Working with Elements Music & Isolla Music production company, Topi’s work can be heard with several domestic mainstream releases, such as Sini Yasemin (Universal Music Finland), Antti Ketonen (Warner Music Finland) and Topi Latukka (Sony Music Finland), to name a few.

While working on several major label productions in Finland, both as a writer and producer, Topi is now aiming for international markets. His current international cuts include songs, such as Eutanasiyah’s (UMG Estonia) “Kopp ees” and Merilin Mälk’s (UMG Estonia) “Tõuseb tuul” & “Miljonsammu”, a song that quickly peaked in the top-10 on the official Estonian singles chart and was a big hit on the local radios.

Listen to Topi’s work here.

Saleh Masaadi – PRODUCER, WRITER

Saleh is a producer form Helsinki and he’s quickly become one of Finland’s top names when it comes to rap and rnb type production. Breaking into the Finnish mainstream, with the MKDMSK (Universal Music) album (the song Surullinen Klovni feat. Pyhimys with over 10M streams) he’s now strongly in demand for sessions, often developing the overall vision with the artists he works with. He’s a talented guitarist and his beats are often built around hypnotic yet catchy guitar patterns.

As of 2021, he’s busy producing and writing for many Finnish rap and pop acts, including Etta (Warner Music) , Lukas Leon (Liiga Music) and Ares (Kaiku Recordings). Saleh is published by Elements Music & Isolla Music.

Listen to Saleh’s work here.


Joonas is a producer, songwriter and a virtuosic guitarist based in Helsinki, Finland. With his roots in Helsinki’s flourishing rock scene, Joonas has combined his love for rhythm music with his meticulous ear for melody and timeless choruses.

While having toured with bands around the world, as well as having worked in the studio with multi-platinum metal bands, such as Apocalyptica and Lost Society, his strong pop sensibility has not gone unnoticed. Lately, Joonas has increasingly produced for various pop acts, his latest project being the pop sensation Robin Packalén’s (Universal Music Germany) upcoming album.

Alongside his international projects, Joonas has also produced for various pop acts in Finland. Joonas’ latest domestic accomplishments include co-writes and productions for artist such as KUUMAA (Universal Music Finland), Topi Latukka (Sony Music Finland), Jenna Alexa (Sony Music Finland), Anni Lahe (Sony Music Finland), Eino & Aapeli (Universal Music Finland), among others. Joonas is published by Elements Music & Isolla Music.

Listen to Joonas’ work here.


Olavi is a skilled topliner/lyricist born and raised in Helsinki. His style is pop/urban and a great blend of singalong hooks and fierce rhythmic thinking. As a singer and artist himself, Olavi’s strength is in vocals and vocal coaching.

Currently writing with some of the hottest new acts, as well as more prominent artist in Finland, his talent has not gone unnoticed and he is increasingly in demand for sessions.

Recently, Olavi has written for the Finnish multi-platinum selling artist Kasmir’s album. In addition to domestic projects, Olavi’s focus has increasingly been in international projects, such as Robin Packalen (Universal Music Germany) & Ariadne (EST). Olavi is published by Elements Music & Isolla Music.

Listen to Olavi’s work here.


Jonttu Luhtavaara is a young musician, producer & songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. From a very young age, he has been playing, writing and arranging music for his very hyped pop band KUUMAA, signed to Universal Music in Finland.

Not only, has Jonttu been playing with his own band, but he is also known for playing drums for many successful bands and artists in Finland, such as Tuure Boelius (Kaiku Entertainment), Sini Yasemin (Universal Music Finland), Younghearted (Warner Music Finland) and SOFA (Warner Music Finland).

Working with Elements Music & Isolla Music production company, besides his own band and various others, Jonttu also loves writing & producing for artists in many different genres, such as Jenna Alexa (Sony Music Finland), pin.sku (Sony Music Finland) and Vahtera (Sony Music Finland).

Listen to Jonttu’s work here.


Jesse Vainio is an established Finnish mixing engineer. With over 15 years in the business, he has mixed countless hit records for countless multi-platinum artists (Sunrise Avenue, Irina, Olavi Uusivirta) and his work ethic to deliver pristine mixes time after time is unrivaled. Latest work include Blind Channel (Ranka Kustannus), Ursus Factory (Johanna Kustannus), Antti Ketonen (Warner Music) and Laura Närhi (Warner Music)

Listen to Jesse’s work here.


Eetu Seppälä is a mixing engineer originally from the small town of Loimaa. With a background playing in bands, he developed an interest for sonics and quickly found his calling in mixing. Working out of the Isolla Music studio in Kalasatama, Helsinki, Eetu works with clients both domestic and international to help realize their vision and to sonically help build the artists careers.

His latest works in Finland include mixes with F (Universal Music), MEGA-Ertsi (Universal), Mariska (Kaiku Recordings), EME (Sony Music). International productions include Labi Ramaj (NO), Vinze (DK) and ELBA (DK)


Inka Uhmavaara is a new generation Finnish pop mixing engineer. Having started as a keyboard player in indie bands in Lahti and Tampere, she eventually settled in Helsinki and quickly made a name for herself with her pop sensibility and work ethic. Now in the frontline of Finnish pop, her mixes can be heard on records by: Pyhimys (Universal Music), Teflon Brothers (Universal Music), Blind Channel (Ranka Kustannus).

Listen to Inka’s work here.




Jonas Olsson
+358 40 518 7792


Mosabackanmutka 2
06500 Porvoo


Työpajankatu 10A18
00580 Helsinki


Jonas Olsson
+358 40 518 7792


Mosabackanmutka 2
06500 Porvoo


Työpajankatu 10A18
00580 Helsinki

Saleh Masaadi aka Salahpolo – Tuottaja

Rapin ja urbaanin popin parissa työskentelevä Saleh kuuluu maamme ehdottomiin ykkösnimiin kun puhutaan raptuottajista. Salehin tuotanto- ja kirjoitusjälkeä voi kuulla esim. MKDMSK:n huikeita striimimääriä (mm. Surullinen klovni – yli 10M striimiä) keränneellä albumilla.

Johnny Jonas – Tuottaja, lauluntekijä

Joonas on aina hyväntuulinen, nuoresta iästään huolimatta kokenut moniosaaaja. Kirjoitussessioissa hän tuottaa ja säveltää ja hänen kädenjälkeään on voinut kuulla mm. Anni Lahen sinkuissa sekä maailmalla jättisuosiota nauttivan Moomin Valley -sarjan tunnuskappaleessa. Saatat kuulla hänen äänitysjälkeään myös vaikka Apocalyptican albumilla. Tulevia julkaisuja on mm. Robinin ensimmäisen kansainvälisen albumin tuottajana.

Ilari Kaipainen – Artisti

Ilari on keväällä 2019 yhtiöön kiinnitetty popartisti. 

Ilari Heinilä – tuottaja, lauluntekijä, muusikko

Ilarin juuret ovat länsirannikolla pienessä Luvian kylässä. Useiden punk- ja hardcorevaikutteisten bändien jälkeen hän innostui musiikin tuottamisesta. Bändilähtöinen ajattelu ja kitaristin tausta näkyvät myös tuotannoissa. Ilari on vaihtoehtoisemman popsoundin lisäksi kiinnostunut musiikin tekemisestä liikkuvaan kuvaan. Muusikkona hän on vaikuttanut mm. The Holy ja White Balance -kokoonpanoissa.

Topi Kilpinen – Tuottaja, laulunkirjoittaja

Topi on Oulusta helsinkiläistynyt musiikillinen ikiliikkuja. Topin rooli sessioissa on tuottaa, säveltää ja sanoittaa. Hänen tuotannollista näkemystä on kuultu mm. Sini Yaseminin, Lucaksen ja Topi Latukan sinkuissa. Hän työstää materiaalia myös oman bändinsä Counting Lifeboatsin kanssa.

Vahtera – Artisti

Vahtera on Universal Musicille levyttävä suomalaisen poptaivaan tuorein tähti. Hänen debyyttisinkkunsa ”Antaa niiden puhuu” sai mainion vastaanoton ja nousi viikolla 45 Radio Suomen soitetuimmaksi biisiksi. Hänen debyyttialbuminsa valmistuu vuoden 2019 aikana.

Keikat myy Hög Music / Mikko Varjamo

Olavi Uusitalo – Lauluntekijä, Laulaja

Olavi, 27, on etunenässä lyriikkaan, melodioihin ja laulutuotantoon keskittynyt pop-musiikin uusi tulokas. Helsinkiläisen nuoren miehen osaamista on päästy todistamaan mm. Kasmirin ja Robinin hittibiiseillä. Olavin monipuolinen musiikillinen tausta tuo sessioihin myös tuotannollisia ideoita ja sparrausta laulamiseen.

Jonas Olsson – Tuottaja

Jonas Olsson on tuottaja ja laulunkirjoittaja, hän on työskennellyt musiikin parissa vuodesta 2005 ja sinä aikana tuottanut yli sata albumia. Hänen kädenjälkeään on kuultu monen suomalaisen ja kansainvälisen artistin äänitteillä mm. Pyhimys, Robin (vuoden myydyin suomalainen levy 2014), Arttu Wiskari, Roope Salminen & Koirat, Kasmir, Nikke Ankara, Janna, Samae Koskinen, Maude (FRA), Radical Something (US) etc.

Inka Heinonen – Miksaaja

Inka Heinonen on on uuden sukupolven popmiksaaja. Lahden rockpiirien kasvatti päätyi Tampereen indieskenen kautta Helsinkiin 2010 luvun alussa. Nyt hän työskentelee suomalaisen musiikkialan välittömässä
etulinjassa; hänen kultainen kosketuksensa on viime aikoina kuultu mm. Teflon Brothersin, Kaija Koon ja Samae Koskisen musiikissa.



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